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Silicone Hose

Characteristics of the transparent silicone hose:
1. Non-toxic, odorless, protects the environment, non-yellowing and transparent;
2. Flexible, elastic, kink-resistant with little deformation;
3. Crack-proof, long service life, resistant to high and cold temperatures, oil and chemicals;
4. Excellent tear strength and superior electrical performance.
Parameters of the transparent silicone hose:
1. Temperature: -50 ℃ ~ +260 ℃
2. Machines: 65/85 type of professional extruder
3. Hardness: 30 to 80 degrees (Shore hardness)
4. Specifications: 1 ~55mm, other specifications can be customized
5. Color: multicolored, can be customized according to customer's need
6. Certification: UL, FDA, SGS, ATC, ROSH, ISO9000 and other relevant certification, certificates can be provided upon request.

Application of the transparent silicone hose:
The transparent silicone hose is used for medical equipment, household appliances, automotive manufacturing, electronic components, transformers, and motors. With food grade features, the silicone hose is widely used in gas appliances, coffee pots, kettles, fruit processors, bread machines, water heaters, rice cookers, deep fryers, etc.

Characteristics of the braided silicone hose:
1. Operation temperature is -62 ° C to +260 ° C; with excellent bending performance;
2. Contains no organic plasticizers, phthalate or latex additives;
3. Does not release any odors; smooth inner wall is water-resistant;
4. High-temperature sterilization and autoclave-worthy.

Applications of the braided silicone hose:
The braided silicone hose can be used in laboratories for transferring uncontaminated or disinfected liquids and for cell development, drug delivery, peristaltic pumps, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage transmission.