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PE Drip Hose

PE layflat drip irrigation water hose is used for drip irrigation.
Watering and fertilizing the crops in the same time. It can improve the use ratio of fertilizer.
High pressure resistance: Made from new PE material (high strength PE woven fabric+PE sheet, new technology)

Cutting down production costs.
Decreasing damage from insects.
Increasing productivity.
Made of superior high-strength PE.
Excellent Elongation performance in length & diameter
Flexible, economical and practicable with a single wall thickness 0.2-0.65mm.

PE hose is widely used for green house,fruit trees,field crops and so on.
It is also ideal for auxiliary equipment in agriculture and forestry irrigation and is fit for conveying liquid at low or medium temperature.
It can reduce more than 20%-30% humidity of air and decrease the insect disaster.Increasing 2-3℃ of the earth temperature.Making the crops ripe 7-15 days in advance.

Item Code I.D. Thickness Flow rate Dipper space Roll length
mm mm L/H cm m
PED12-0630 12 0.6 2 30 800
PED12-0830 0.8
PED16-0615 16 0.6 2.4 15 500
PED16-0815 0.8
PED16-1015 1.0
PED16-1215 1.2
PED16-0630 16 0.6 2.4 30 500
PED16-0830 0.8
PED16-1030 1.0
PED16-1230 1.2
PED16-0650 16 0.6 2.4 50 500
PED16-0850 0.8
PED16-1050 1.0
PED16-1250 1.2
PED20-1230 20 1.2 2.4 30 500
PED20-1530 1.5
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